Medicines and medical supplies are needed all over the world and all the time. However, sometimes these vital needs cannot be met due to supply chain problems or the negative natural conditions. Medicines and medical items which is extremely vital, especially in epidemics and natural disasters should be transported quickly and in appropriate conditions.

Due to the contents of the medicines and medical items, they must be kept under special conditions. At SB Pharma we ensure that our personnel receive training on storage hygiene and storage conditions at specific intervals. In addition, our warehouse is controlled by the personnel of the Ministry of Health in certain periods.

At SB Pharma, we provide suitable storage conditions for each product in our warehouse while keeping them far from dust and insecticides.

SB Pharma supplies all the products from reliable, global manufacturers. We offer registered and regulated products by the Turkish Ministry of Health, in addition to registered products in worldwide drug authorities through parallel trade. Thanks to its strong supply chain structure, SB Pharma perfectly tackles the logistical complexities.

SB Pharma conducts its operations in full compliance with international regulations and quality management system. With a firm reliance on team-work and well-trained staff, SB Pharma assures to provide its partners excellent service and products through a meticulous selection of well-known suppliers meeting GDP (Good Distribution Practice) requirements.

Parallel Trade
Parallel distribution of medicines is an integral part of the medicines supply chain.  Through parallel trade, we are able to provide original, high quality and safe medicines at competitive lower prices for already produced medicinal products. These direct savings are a measurable relief of the cost burden carried by health insurance systems and patients. Moreover, it provides possibility of import of already registered medicinal products in case of production, regulatory and other types of shortages or deficiencies.



Humanitarian Aid

It is one of our top priorities to serve humanitarian agencies and assist them in their local and international healthcare aid projects. Therefore, with our services and experience in the delivery of pharmaceutical and healthcare products, we have always been in solidarity with international humanitarian organizations to support them for humanitarian relief operations.